Is Kinguin a safe and legit site for game codes? answered

Kinguin is currently one of the most popular PC marketplaces.

Image via Kinguin

Many online marketplaces sell game codes, ranging from those officially endorsed by developers and PC gaming platforms, to those that may be considered riskier to purchase from. And while most sites will offer a perfectly normal experience, it’s still important to research and assess each one before giving any your business.

One of these marketplaces, Kinguin, was founded in 2013 and is currently one of the most popular websites for game codes. Unlike most other sites, this one allows for third-party sellers to sell their PC game keys or Windows keys. When you click on the key you want to purchase, a list of sellers under the product are shown. From there, you choose the seller and make the purchase.

Is Kinguin legit?

While it’s a legitimate site, in terms of whether it’s a safe site depends on the experience you have with it. On Trust Pilot, for instance, its rating average is four out of five with an excellent rating of 71% and a bad rating of 16%. The vast majority of reviews reflect positive experiences, though there are the occasional bad ones scattered around. There’s also the fact that third-party sellers could have received their keys through illegal means.

However, there was a major controversy involving Reddit user Kai-Tek and Kinguin several years ago. According to Kai-Tek, they purchased a Mafia II game key from the site, which turned out to be an already used duplicate key. Despite two weeks of working with Kinguin customer service, they refused to give them a refund. Only after their Reddit thread gained enough traction did customer service eventually reverse their decision.

Kinguin is generally safe to purchase game codes from, as most users have had no issues with their purchases. But if you’re worried about the validity of a third-party seller on the site, consider using PayPal as your payment method due to its buyer protection feature.