Is Leaf Storm good in Pokémon Go? – Damage, energy, and all Pokémon

A new move has come to Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

A new Grass-type move is being added to Pokémon Go called Leaf Storm. The attack was initially introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games in the Sinnoh Region. With it making its way to Pokémon Go, players are eager to see if it’ll be a Grass-type overheat clone. We’re going to break down all of the damage and energy stats and which Pokémon can make use of it. The first series of Pokémon who can learn it were announced during the middle intermission of the Go Battle League Season 7.

Leaf Storm Damage and Energy

These are the damage and energy values for leaf storm.

  • Damage: 130
  • Energy: 55 (PvP), 100 (PvE

Whenever you use Leaf Storm in combat, it lowers your Pokémon’s attack stat by two ranks every time you use it. Overall, it’s an overheat clone in PvP. It’s not going to move mountains, but it becomes exceptionally useful, especially given how little energy it requires to do 130 damage.

All Pokémon that can learn Leaf Storm

These are all of the Pokémon that can learn leaf storm.

  • Celebi
  • Leavanny
  • Ludicolo
  • Roserade
  • Sunflora

Roserade is probably the most interesting given its previous Community Day outing in March 2021. Celebi is also a nice touch, but with not too many players being able to capture and use this Pokémon, it’ll only work for a select few in Pokémon Go. Ludicolo is a good choice, given it’s also a Water-type Pokémon and has some use in the Ultra League if you power it up using XL candy. Ludicolo is a viable choice in the Great League, and with the correct team, you can do some serious damage using Leaf Storm. Leavanny and Sunflora feel like the most wasted choices for Leaf Storm.

Is Leaf Storm good?

Leaf Storm is a good addition to Pokémon Go. Doing 130 damage for 55 damage in PvP will always be welcome, with few attacks that do 45 or 50 energy. Because most Grass-types have a bit more defense, you can count on the energy cost as worthwhile. What it really needs is to expand to other Pokémon, but the choices available to it are good for expanding the Grass-type Pokémon that you can play right now.

Ludicolo has probably jumped up the ranks by a considerable amount in the Great League, and we’ll need to experiment with him in the Ultra League. Roserade is also another Pokémon we’d like to think can greatly benefit from having Leaf Storm in their moveset.

Yes, Leaf Storm is a good idea with a handful of the Pokémon that can learn it right now. We’d like to see it expand out to other Grass-types in the future to topple some of the dominant Water-types that populate the Great and Ultra Leagues.