Is New World still bricking GPUs in November 2021?

Is New World still ruining players’ day?

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Amazon’s brand-new MMO, New World, has had a host of issues since launch — from game-breaking bugs that make your characters invincible to chatbox bugs that allowed users to post HTML code that interfered with other players. While annoying, most of those bugs were fairly benign, only causing players to lose time and potentially the money they spent on the game.

The most notorious issue with New World was bricking GPUs. Bricking, if you weren’t aware, refers to the act of making your GPU unresponsive, essentially turning it into a giant paperweight. This is very problematic because GPUs tend to be a pricey part of your computer — and it seems the GPUs that were affected were some of the most expensive, high-end GPUs, such as the EVGA RTX 3090.

It appears that unless you are using the original model of 3090, the issue appears to be resolved for most people. There haven’t been new reports of GPUs getting bricked in several weeks, according to the game forums and the New World subreddit. That’s not to say that the game is fully fixed, however — there are reports of New World pushing some GPUs nearly to the limit, or of pushing some CPUs to high temperatures as of the 1.1 patch released a few days ago. It’s safe to say that playing New World is still a dice-roll, and it may be best to wait until the issues get ironed out if you are concerned about your hardware.