Is Rocket Arena free to play?

Rocket fueled gameplay for what price?

EA Play Live revealed a new Fortnite-inspired multiplayer game: Rocket Arena. The has charming graphics that resemble popular top dogs like FortniteOverwatchApex Legends, and many characters with unique abilities. And of course, rockets. 

Rocket Arena is a three versus three shooter from Final Strike Games and EA. Despite the bells and whistles, and rockets, potential fans are left wondering if it’s free to play.

Is Rocket Arena free to play?

At this time, there’s no answer to that question. Most of the rival games in the same genre, the games it would compete with directly, are free to play. However, the website has a pre-order button, suggesting it may not be.

Clicking on any of the options leads to an order page. On PC, through Origins, players can subscribe to Origin Access and play the game right away. If you would prefer to buy it, there are options for the Mythic Edition and the Standard Edition. Clicking either leads to purchasing it through Origins or Steam. Both links fail if clicked.

Xbox and PlayStation players will need a subscription to EA Access. The same edition options exist for console players, but only have “Coming Soon” options. Again, pre-order links fail if clicked at the moment.

While there’s no official word on the price, it does looks like the game is not free to play as expected.