Is Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin on Steam?

This is Square’s story, and you may not be part of it.

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix’s next foray into the action-RPG genre Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is finally arriving this March, but will it be available on Steam? You may need a Phoenix Down.

Despite the success of Final Fantasy games on Steam in the past, Stranger of Paradise will be an Epic Games Store exclusive when it officially releases. There is currently no word on if it will be permanently exclusive to EGS, but past precedent should be giving warning bells to Valve fans.

Image via Square Enix

When the Kingdom Hearts series was ported to PC platforms, series producer Ichiro Hazama stated in a press release, “Our collaboration with Epic Games is one that stretches back to the development of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and as part of this ongoing relationship, the team at Epic Games have been incredibly supportive in helping us make this a reality.” Square Enix seems fond of this partnership and will likely continue it with future titles as more and more of its developers switch to the adaptable Unreal Engine.

Typical Epic Games Store exclusives last for about a year after release, and then they’ll make the transition to Steam. We will have to see if Square Enix follows this trend with the Kingdom Hearts series on the port’s first anniversary in March 2022. If not, it seems like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin could be permanently exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

In addition, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be making its way to PC only on the Epic Games Store. It will have 4K and HDR support, including up to 120 frames per second if your computer can handle Cloud’s adventures to their fullest. You can even play it with a mouse and keyboard if you’re a stickler for that control method.