When is the release date of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trials of the Dragon King DLC?

The DLC includes the true Warriors of Light and Bahamut.

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When Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin launched, a season 1 DLC pass was also revealed and made available for players to purchase. However, no concrete details about the first DLC were revealed at that time. Square Enix has finally announced that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s first DLC is titled Trials of the Dragon King. The debut teaser trailer showcased in June 2022 is full of spoilers for the ending of the base game, so we recommend that you avoid the trailer if you haven’t finished playing it. The Trials of the Dragon King will be the first round of content included within the first season pass.

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What is the release date for Trials of the Dragon King?

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According to the details in the teaser, Trials of the Dragon King DLC will release on July 20. The Dragon King referred to in the teaser is the great Bahamut, one of the most iconic figures in the greater Final Fantasy meta-universe. The footage shows the lead character Jack talking with Bahamut. There is also a sequence that shows Jack facing the Warriors of Light from the original Final Fantasy game. The lead Warrior of Light, known as Warrior, is a recurring character within the Final Fantasy spin-offs and has his iconic armor as seen in the Dissidia games.

What will be included in Trials of the Dragon King?

Square Enix lists Trials of the Dragon King as including new jobs, weapons, accessories, and equipment. There will also be new missions and areas for you to explore in Trials. The DLC contains new story bits for you to discover and new bosses to face, like the Warrior of Light.

Trials of the Dragon King references an iconic quest from the first Final Fantasy game. In the first Final Fantasy game, after discovering Bahamut in his cave, the giant dragon offers to upgrade the job classes of the party in exchange for an item known as a Rat Tail. This is speculatively, but Jack’s goal in Trails of the Dragon King DLC likely is to find Bahamut and get upgrades for his job classes, just like in the original Final Fantasy.