Is the Spellbreak Season 1 Chapter Pass worth it?

Are these Epic Rewards really worth your 10 dollars?

Image via Proletariat, Inc.

Spellbreak just landed on Steam and with it a new Chapter Pass with both free and premium rewards. From Artifacts, Skins, and Trails, this Chapter Pass has it all. But you’re probably wondering if the premium rewards are worth your ten dollars. This guide will answer that very question by highlighting the free and premium rewards available in this new Chapter Pass and how to unlock the premium Chapter Pass for free.

Free rewards

The free rewards are quite impressive compared to Spellbreak’s competitor Apex Legends. Without spending a single penny, you can get your hands on an Uncommon, Rare, and Epic outfit.

You will also receive periodic XP Boosts and some Profile Cards as a reward for leveling up the pass. These skins are quite impressive and worth leveling the Chapter Pass for.

Premium rewards

With the premium pass, you will have access to over three times as much content to unlock, some of it lackluster but some very impressive. The final reward, the Legendary Outfit Bogmore Deathdealer, is among the coolest skins in the game.

With the premium pass, you will receive multiple Epic Afterglows and Epic Player Cards when leveling in addition to the Legendary outfit. But many players will be buying the Chapter Pass for Bogmore Deathdealer alone.

Unlocking the premium Chapter Pass for free

Spellbreak uniquely allows you to purchase the premium Chapter Pass without spending any real money. For just 1000 gold, you can unlock the Chapter Pass and receive a 25% XP bonus. However, if you want to save your ten dollars, you will need to grind quite a bit. Daily quests will give you about 50 gold per day if you complete them all, so it will take you about 20 days to unlock the Chapter Pass if you play every day. Thankfully though, when you unlock the premium pass, rewards will be unlocked retroactively. However, leveling up this way will be slower, as you won’t have access to the XP Boost at the start.