Is there a Goat Simulator 2? Answered

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Goat Simulator was an incredibly popular game when it initially launched in 2014, and Goat Simulator 3 was revealed during the Summer Games Fest 2022, with a release date for later the same year. However, some fans felt like they missed Goat Simulator 2. This guide explains if there is a Goat Simulator 2 and why you might never have heard of it.

When was Goat Simulator 2 released?

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Goat Simulator 2 was never released and, as far as we’re aware, has never existed. While it’s possible that the game was in development at Coffee Stain Studios at some point in the past, there’s never been an official release called Goat Simulator 2. Instead, the developer simply worked on releasing as much DLC for Goat Simulator as it could, capitalizing on the game’s popularity. Goat Simulator 3 is the true sequel to Goat Simulator. The name switch here is a trick or inside joke on the developer’s part.

How many Goat Simulator games are there?

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

In addition to the main goat Simulator game, there are five pieces of DLC, including GoatZ, MMO Simulator, the original soundtrack, PAYDAY, and Waste of Space. After the final DLC, released in 2016, nothing else came out for Goat Simulator or the wider series. It seemed to many like Coffee Stain Studios had finally given up trying to make money out of the title and moved on to something else.

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The series moves directly from Goat Simulator to Goat Simulator 3, which may seem confusing. However, this series is hardly logical, so it helps to ignore the numbers and instead look at Goat Simulator 3 as the next base version of the game that will no doubt be built upon with even more DLC.