When is the release date for Goat Simulator 3?

It sounds just as, if not more, chaotic than the original game.

Screenshot via thegameawards YouTube

Goat Simulator 3 is taking things to the next level for the open-world spoof series. Four-player co-op will be offered for the first time, which will only make the comical chaos even greater. The question is, when can you get your hooves on it?

When can you play Goat Simulator 3?

Thanks to the new Pre-Udder trailer (above), we now have a firm release date: Goat Simulator 3 arrives on Thursday, November 17. The goat game will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Sorry, Steam lovers, but it is an exclusive there. Preorders are open now, and there are three different editions up for grabs: Pre-Udder, Digital Downgrade, and Goat in a Box.

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The initial reveal trailer was pretty on-brand for the franchise, as it made fun of the concept of revealing a long-awaited game. The trailer spoofed the fan-favorite Dead Island 2 trailer, which showed a man running on a boardwalk. Instead of zombies, however, the goats caused chaos in the beach city — likely one of the biomes you’ll be able to explore in the game. We’re expecting to knock away ice cream from some poor little kid.

You’ll be able to dress your goat with toilet rolls and tea trays, and you can place a jetpack on the goat’s back for utter chaos. Preordering gets you a sloppy udder cosmetic too — that “Pre-Udder” name is no joke. There will also be “events, NPCs to mess with, physics, status effects, collectibles, Easter eggs, lies, betrayal, and heartbreak” in the game, according to the Epic Games Store listing. You can play as a goldfish, and there will be “lots of mini-games.” Goat Simulator 3 sounds just as strange, if not stranger, than the original.