Is there an ending to Happy Home Paradise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Your island just got a lot happier (and way more adorable).

Image via Nintendo

We’ve finally reached the last Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC, and it’s a huge homage to the 2015 Nintendo 3DS game, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. In the DLC content, you can get clients and personally decorate their homes and spaces, learning even more design skills along the way. The game even adds new villagers, giving you even more options for fun and furry buddies. Many Animal Crossing connoisseurs think this one and only paid DLC is a must-play, but does this DLC have a satisfying ending?

The endgame

This DLC is meant to encourage you to learn new skills and eventually personalize and upgrade every single home on your island. It offers up a bunch of new characters and clients to build beautiful new spaces for. There are classic inspirations from its 2015 version, but also new and exciting designs and items. Once your design 30 homes or buildings, though, you have finished the DLC.

Don’t worry — the Nintendo developers made sure this achievement wasn’t anticlimactic. Not only can you now take all the design skills you learned throughout the DLC back to your own island, but the final reward is being able to build and design the Apparel Shop. Also, the DLC ends on a very literal high-note: a personalized performance on the beach from DJ K.K, everyone’s favorite AC musician.


Once the DLC is finished and you enjoy your ending, the game isn’t over. While there isn’t any DLC content left, you can now go back to your island and design all your favorite island friends’ homes, too. For a little less than $20, AC fans can make their island even more beautiful than ever and get free DJ K.K concert tickets. So, even though there is an ending to the DLC, it’s a very wonderful happily ever after that will make your island even more special than ever.

Side-note: for people playing the DLC in its first few weeks, there have been a decently high amount of bug reports, including some game-twisting problems if you use the new design skills while your airport is open. So, be careful of those while you play.