Is there fast travel in The Gunk? Answered.

Can you get to the workbench quickly?

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Sci-fi adventure The Gunk has plenty of locations to explore as you conquer the platforming challenges in this game. It may take a while to backtrack, however, so can you fast travel from place to place? Read on to find out.

Each chapter is home to a 30 minute to one-hour level that will test your wits and brain with platforming and puzzle elements. With that in mind, you should be thankful that there is a fast travel option in The Gunk.

There are landmarks throughout The Gunk that will let you travel back to your workbench at the ship. However, they can be far between each other. The first location is unlocked when you reach the alien ruins in Chapter 3: An Alien Civilization. From there, you’ll need to go back to the Campsite and craft the pulse cannon to open a door.

To fast travel in The Gunk, find a navigation beacon. It will be illuminated by a yellow-lit spinning wheel. Then, you can select whichever location you want to go to, such as the Alien Ruins. Depending on the area, the beacon might be slightly off the beaten path.

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Thanks to the power of the SSD within the Xbox Series S, it takes around six or seven seconds to travel between areas of the game. Xbox Series X might be even faster.

Go back and forth with the navigation beacon, and head to the Campsite whenever you need to make an upgrade. Make sure you keep scanning objects to get new upgrades available as well.