Is there multiplayer in Ooblets?

Can my friends help me farm my Ooblets?

Is there multiplayer in Ooblets?

Image via Glumberland

It’s been four years in the making, but Ooblets is finally out in the wild. Glumberland’s cutesy life sim game has received its full release, and longtime fans have been engrossing themselves in its world since it dropped on July 15.

While it’s been billed as a single-player title, there’s something about Ooblets that makes it feel like it should have a multiplayer component. You may be wondering, then, if there is any online multiplayer or couch co-op functionality in Ooblets.

Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no multiplayer support in Ooblets. That might be a surprise to some of you, with the game having been in development since 2016. However, it’s not something that Glumberland has ever looked to implement, and a lack of multiplayer support has been confirmed in an FAQ section on the Ooblets‘ website.

Under a “Will there be multiplayer?” sub-heading, Glumberland explained that developing a multiplayer mode for Ooblets would have doubled its development lifecycle. As such, they decided to forgo it in favor of getting the game in the hands of players.

Glumberland did state that multiplayer functionality could be something they look at in any potential sequel. There’s always the chance that, if the game becomes popular enough, they may renege on their initial plan and decide to develop a co-op aspect.

That would take time, however, so don’t expect multiplayer to be a part of Ooblets any time soon, if at all. Your friends will simply have to watch you farm your Ooblets over your shoulder or via a stream if you’re a streamer.