Jeopardy gig – Cyberpunk 2077 – Where to find Jim Greyer’s body

Help a smuggler out.

A datashard smuggler accidentally had their brain frayed on their last mission. In Cyberpunk 2077’s Jeopardy gig, you’ll have to return to their body to retrieve the datashard they were attempting to smuggle, as a buyer wants to ensure that information makes it to the end of its agreed destination. There are several avenues to enter the funeral home and a more direct method if you cannot meet the ability requirements.

Where to find the La Catrina Crematorium

The smuggler holding the datashard, Jim Greyer, is being held at the La Catrina Crematorium. You can find the location right on edge between Vista Del Rey and Heywood, the west border of the former, and the latter’s eastern portion.

How to find Jim Greyer’s body

There are multiple ways to enter the funeral home without being detected, and one way to do that is more direct, but you can still avoid being seen. If you have eight technical ability points, you can enter the back entrance through a security exit. If you have 12 points in body, you can force open one of the loading dock doors and sneak inside.

For those who do not meet any of these attribute requirements, you can walk in the front entrance and distract the guard by using any of the terminals. Despite the receptionist greeting you when you initially walk in, she is not disturbed by you sneaking by into the employee’s only area.

When you’re in the back area, all you have to do is make it downstairs. There will be two guards protecting the three bodies you need to investigate. You can handle the guards however you see fit, and you shouldn’t worry about someone coming down to check on them.

With three bodies highlighted, you need to figure out which you need to grab that has the correct datashard. The correct body is the one that, when you approach it, says, “Daemon Infected Body.’ Click on it, and you can grab the datashard and then leave the area.

The last step is to visit a nearby dropbox to deposit the datashard. After you’ve sent it through, the gig is complete.