Killer Queen Black: How To Win With the Snail


BumbleBear Games’ arcade multiplayer sensation Killer Queen has finally made its home debut, with Killer Queen Black now available for Nintendo Switch and PC. There’s an Xbox One release for it coming out later this. It’s an addictive game where teams have one of three different opportunities to win a match, with the help of a Queen and her fellow Drones.

For our first guide, we took a look at how players could win utilizing the Queen, the leading warrior that can pick off enemies with the help of her blade. For this guide, however, we’re going to get a little more strategic. It’ll focus on how you can win with the snail, a creature that can win the race in its own right, depending on how it’s driven toward the goal.

This one’s a little slower, but for some, slower might be the way to go. Let’s take a closer look at how one can achieve victory with an unlikely hero!

Here’s What the Snail Can Do For You

The snail is pretty easy to spot, based on its distinctive shape. And it’ll be sitting on one stable platform stretching across the stage, with blue and gold markers on each side. The goal here is for one of the Drone characters to hop on its back and guide it to victory, slowly pushing it towards the goal.

However, there’s a catch. First off, the snail is extremely slow. That means it’ll take its time creeping towards the goal, and some players can easily see it moving. When it gets close, one of the opposing players can pick them off, allowing a Drone from another team to hop onto the snail and guide it towards its own goal. The snail doesn’t have any loyalties here – it’s just happy to be ridden.

Riding on a snail does put you in charge of its movement, so it’ll keep creeping towards the goal as long as you’re directing it. Once you’re off, though, it’ll do nothing until the next Drone hops on its back.

The snail is probably the most strategic way to win, but keep in mind that hopping on one puts a bullseye on your back. Victory isn’t always guaranteed. However, if you can save a Drone on it at all times, eventually, you might make your way to the goal. Just watch out for the Queen, tho. Maybe run for cover, or perhaps signal a fellow player to assist while you play distraction. It doesn’t matter which team member rides the snail to victory – just as long as you get a win overall.

How To Boost or Slow Down the Snail

Now, the snail doesn’t have to stay at it’s standard slow, steady pace. You can pick up its acceleration by transforming one of your Drones into a Speed Drone. This transformation happens after the Queen takes over one of the Transformation Gates scattered throughout the stage.

When a Drone becomes a Speed Drone, you can see its burst of speed as it runs throughout the stage. You can take this and put it on the back of the Snail, which will immensely increase its speed. But be careful – rival team members will see how fast it’s going, which could make you more of a target.

Now, there’s also a way to slow down a snail, though it’s a bit more…messy. He likes to eat like any other animal that may be in the forest. So if the body of an enemy drone drops down in front of him, he’ll stop to eat it, even if he’s got a Drone on his back. This break could be because he wants to clear the path in front of him, or he wants to be a nuisance. We’ll never know.

Now, you may not be able to control when a dead body drops in front of the Snail unless you’ve got a Queen that’s good at mowing down enemies in a strategic manner. However, you can watch for when an enemy drone drops down in the path of a snail. By doing this, you’ll be able to see when it’s stopped, then swoop in with a Queen or Warrior and take out the Drone on its back. From here, you can take control of it and guide it the other way. Sometimes dead bodies can make a difference.

The snail is probably the slowest way to win a match, compared to being Economic or swiftly taking out foes with a Queen or Warrior. But for some, the push is worth it, as some players may not even notice what’s happening until it’s too late. That’s the wild nature of Killer Queen Black for you.

The game is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC. It’ll release soon for the Xbox One.