Why Cant I Get Into or Find a Ranked Game Match in Killer Queen Black?


If you recently purchased Killer Queen Black, you might find it challenging to access Ranked Mode in the game at all.

Well, not difficult, per se, as it is still an option on the menu. However, some players have been waiting a long time to find a match or are unable to find a game at all. But why is this?

Well, it’s likely to do with day one issues some games like these are going to have. Killer Queen Black doesn’t have a large community that games like CoD have. You can’t guarantee players will be queueing up to play the game competitively anytime soon.

Of course, there is no way to tell the exact number of players playing at one time at each given system. It could also be that not many people are looking to play the game competitively and would prefer to jump into quickplay for faster, more hectic matches.

The issues of long queue times could also be down to server issues or your network. The game asks for players to use a wired connection to make internet play as seamless as possible. If you are using a wireless connection with your Switch, the server may be prioritizing players with better connections for the more competitive modes.

All this is just speculation at this point, though, but we imagine queue times will get better, and players will find more games the longer than the game is out there, so long as it continues to have a good following.