Kingdom Come: Deliverance – All Console Commands


Kingdom Come: Deliverance has players roaming a wide world in historical Bohemia, which can be a difficult undertaking at times. Fortunately for PC gamers, the console exists and can provide help, whether it’s turning off the HUD for some beautiful screenshots, or to provide some more nefarious benefits.

How to Open the Console

Like many singleplayer PC games, the console is easily accessible via the keyboard. Simply press the ~ key, located next to the number keys along the top of your keyboard, and you’ll open the console. From there, you can enter any of the commands listed below, followed by the Enter key, and magic will happen.

Console Commands

The following is a list of all the console commands available for Kingdom Come: Deliverance that we are aware of. Keep in mind that some of these have been around since the early alpha and beta days and may have evolved over time. We’ll be sure to update this list as we discover new or outdated commands.

  • g_showHUD X – enable (X=1) or disable (X=0) the HUD
  • r_motionblur X – change motion blur
    • X=0 – off
    • X=1 – camera
    • X=2 – object (default)
    • X=3 – debug mode
  • cl_fov X – change field of view where X is the degree (default = 60)
  • wh_ui_showCompass X – show (X=1) or hide (X=0) the compass
  • wh_dlg_chatbubbles X – show (X=1) or hide (X=0) chat bubbles
  • r_antialiasingmode – messes with the antialiasing mode. Use at your own risk!
  • t_scale X – where X is between 1 and 10. Unknown results, be careful!
  • e_ViewDistRatio X – changes the distance at which objects start to render (default = 500)
  • e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X – changes the distance at which trees and vegetation start to render (default = 500)
  • e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X – changes the distance at which grass is animated (default = 20)
  • wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 – adds a cross hair when aiming a bow
  • r_VSync X – enable (X=1) or disable (X=0) vsync
  • r_sharpening X – enabled (X=1) or disable (X=0) image sharpening

Keep in mind that some of the commands above may have adverse affects on your game, so please be cautious. We will update this guide as things change, so keep an eye out on our Kingdom Come: Deliverance game page.