Kingdom Come Deliverance – How To Romance Theresa


Theresa is another character Theresa you can romance within Kingdom Come Deliverance after Stephanie by playing a quest. For romancing Theresa you will have to unlock Courtship side quest, which is a part of the main story. It will appear when Henry is told to accompany Nightingale on a patrol. At the beginning of the quest, he will tell you about Theresa saving Henry’s life and to pay back. This will appear during the main quest Keeping the Peace in Rattay.

Romance Theresa

How To Romance Theresa

While playing the main quest Keeping the Peace, talk to Night angle for patrol. While taking a pick “Yes, that’s me” dialog. He will ask you to pay her back, and this will trigger Courtship side quest. Meet Theresa. Once you reach pick “I’ve brought you something..” and give a jewelry.

Romance TheresaRomance Theresa

Next pick “How have you been”, and then pick “A stroll along the river”. Next, you have to take a walk with Theresa. Keep following her, next you will have to race with her till you reach the river. Sit next to Theresa, and there will again a small conversation. Then pick “The lap of luxury” for making her laugh.

Romance Theresa

After returning pick “The only one here whose head is all messed up is me.”. Once done you will have to meet here once again after a few days. Go back to her and then ask “Don’t you want to do something together again?” She will tell you to take her to a tavern. After she asks to pick “Why Not?”. Next, you have to take her to Broken Wheel Tavern. Follow her once again, and you will be at the tavern.

Next, there will be a short fight between a drunk man and you. Once the fight is over, Henry drops Theresa at home and he gets a kiss in return. Once again you have to ask Theresa to go out. So visit her back and talk to her. Ask “Want to get up to something again?”. She will ask you to play a game “Blindmans Buff”, accept her request and follow her. Follow her to a barn, and she will ask you to hide. There is no need to hide away, just go near her and this objective will complete. Next, you have to help her in collecting the laundry. Collect all the clothes from the floor and take it inside. This is the final part, next you will see the cutscene of Henry romancing with Theresa.