Knockout City – Tips to play better on Concussion Yard

This is a NO hard hat area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Concussion Yard is a Knockout City map set in a site under construction — the perfect location for a game of dodgeball. As you brawl it out with the opposing team, you will play amongst the equipment and unfinished buildings in the arena. Here are some tips to help you succeed in your matches on Concussion Yard.

Make use of cover

Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a lot of cover surrounding Concussion Yard. From machinery to buildings under construction, there are tons of different ways to avoid incoming fire. That being said, you will need to watch out for lobs and curves coming around the bends and corners of the area. Pretty much everywhere you go in the map will have something you can use as cover. Sometimes it will be moving like the platforms over the center death pit. Just be sure to use the environment to your advantage.

Use the ultimate throw

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Concussion Yard has many spots to hide behind, there is not much to hide under. For this reason, ultimate throws are very useful on this map. Either you or a teammate just needs to roll into a ball and be thrown into the sky by the other person. Thanks to the unfinished nature of the area, you have access to nailing enemies with this attack almost anywhere in this arena.

Come in like a wrecking ball

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s a little hard to miss the giant wrecking ball swinging back and forth in the middle of the map. While it can knock you around if you get in its path, it can also be used as a means of surveillance if you get on top of it. There is a platform on it that you can safely stand on to get a lay of the land and see where enemy players are. Also, since it swings above the field, not many people are looking to throw a dodgeball up there. If you’re holding a ball as you swing around on it, you may find an opportunity to get a sneak attack on an unsuspecting enemy.

Most useful special balls

  • As usual, the Multi Ball is an excellent special ball to use on Concussion Yard. There is never a situation where more ammo is a bad thing.
  • Besides that, the Sniper Ball is pretty decent here as well. While there are some excellent spots for cover, in-between those safe havens are wide open areas to pick off someone, especially if you are elevated by the wrecking ball.
  • The Moon Ball is pretty handy on Concussion Yard because of its ability to knock enemies further away. With so much junk lying around, it can set enemies off-course from recovering and leave them open for a follow-up attack. It is also pretty helpful for climbing the center structure if the moving platforms are not cooperating with you.
  • Concussion Yard is not the best map to have the Cage Ball on. There are many outlets to go when trapped in a cage, so unless the thrower is already on top of the caged player, they might get away free. Don’t forget though, that you can throw balls at caged enemies for a free hit.
  • Finally, the Bomb Ball does not perform exceptionally well on this map. Typically, players are more spread out here, and there are not many good areas to throw it away before it explodes.