Lady Hellbender negotiation guide – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Pick your words carefully.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lady Hellbender is someone that players will need to deal with in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This formidable warrior owns her own planet, where she lives in a massive fortress. She likes to collect all manner of vicious creatures from across the Galaxy.

The Guardians hit upon a plan to earn some credit by selling her Groot or Rocket and using the Credits to pay off their fine to Nova Corps. They can then rescue the crewmember they sell and all will be good. The most important thing to know here is that players have to sell Groot if they want these negotiations to go well.

Lady Hellbender will be very interesting in buying Groot but will have no interest in purchasing Rocket, and that will simply lead to a battle. What negotiation will do, if you are selling Groot, is impact how many Credits you can get.

Don’t say anything that might annoy Hellbender, or imply that you have other buyers lined up. Lady Hellbender demands respect, and if she thinks you are trying to play off other people against her, it won’t go well for you on the price.

Instead, you should stress how unique Groot is, and also allow Drax to speak as much as possible because Lady Hellbender has a thing for him, and will offer him better prices. The lowest you can get is 9000 credits, and the highest is 12,000, and this can actually matter a lot over the course of the game.