How to Complete Lasers & Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Let’s get Eve out of trouble in Fires and Lasers by putting out that fire in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Though Disney Dreamlight Valley’s villagers usually have the best of intentions, things do not always go as planned. In Lasers & Crafts, Eve’s Friendship Quest in DDV, things aren’t super smooth on her end.

Despite your efforts to show Eve that Eternity Isle is safe in Directive: Danger!, she’s in danger right now. Eve’s experimenting has gone sideways. As usual, it’s your job to help Eve put out the fires, quite literally. The good news is that your Royal Tools can help you in this endeavor. In this guide, I’ll go over every step in Eve’s Lasers & Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including how to find both Ancient Gemstones in Eternity Isle.

How to Extinguish the Fires in Lasers & Crafts

After speaking with Eve & choosing the Lasers & Crafts option, you’ll have to get her out of trouble. The plants are surrounded by fire. Extinguish the fires around Eve using your watering can. Unlike when you water crops, this won’t make the fire grow.

How to Find the Ancient Gemstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The Ancient Gemstones can be found in Ancient’s Landing, which includes The Docks, The Courtyard, The Overlook, and, if you’ve unlocked it, The Ruins, using the Royal Hourglass. You’ll need to find two to complete this part of Lasers and Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ancient GemstoneMapArea
1The second Ancient Gemstone spawned in the sandy area west of The Docks.
2I found one Ancient Gemstone in The Overlook, right by the stairs, that would lead to The Ruins.

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Once you’ve found all the Ancient Gemstones in DDV, bring them back to Eve to melt them. Unfortunately, this will only generate more fiery trouble in Eternity Isle. Put out the fire with your water can and cover the craters with your shovel. 

How to Craft a Stone Canvas in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After picking up the Melted Ancient Gemstones, head back to Eve. She’ll ask you to craft a Stone Canvas in DDV. Head to the nearest crafting station and use the following ingredients to craft a Stone Canvas:

  • 5x Plastic Scrap, which you can fish from the sea in Eternity Isle, but aim for the bits without bubbles.
  • 1x Quartz, which you can mine in the deposits in Ancient’s Landing.
  • 2x Melted Ancient Gemstones, which you just picked up.

When ready, bring all of this back to Eve to complete Lasers and Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.