Legendary and Master Lost Sector Schedule in Destiny 2 – March 2021

A tough challenge, but worth it.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion introduced some changed to the way that certain Exotic armor pieces are earned in the game. Rather than relying on random drops, or Engrams, you can earn the Beyond Light Armor Exotics by completing Legend or Master level Lost Sectors in a solo run. Once you have finished the campaign and hit the soft cap, you will get access to these new difficulty tiers as long as you have completed the Lost Sector once.

Each day there will be a rotating Legend and Master Lost Sector that will either have a Rare (Legend difficulty) or Common (Master difficulty) chance to drop Gauntlets or a Helmet if you finish the Lost Sector solo.

The Lost Sectors will also have modifiers, and Champions, so make sure you read the details fully in your director to know which weapons and mods you need to bring because they will lock your equipment when they start.

Legend difficulty has a Power level of 1300, while Master difficulty has a Power level of 1320. You will also be limited to just three revives, so you don’t want to try these when you are too low in Power, as it will be a long, uphill struggle, and your time will be better spent running other activities to increase your Power level.

March Lost Sector Schedule

Mar 1Veles LabyrinthExodus Garden 2A
Mar 2K1 LogisticsVeles Labyrinth
Mar 3K1 CommunionK1 Logistics
Mar 4K1 Crew QuartersK1 Communion
Mar 5K1 RevelationK1 Crew Quarters
Mar 6Concealed VoidK1 Revelation
Mar7Bunker E15Concealed Void
Mar 8PerditionBunker E15
Mar 9Exodus Garden 2APerdition
Mar 10Veles LabyrinthExodus Garden 2A
Mar 11K1 LogisticsVeles Labyrinth
Mar 12K1 CommunionK1 Logistics
Mar 13K1 Crew QuartersK1 Communion
Mar 14K1 RevelationK1 Crew Quarters
Mar 15Concealed VoidK1 Revelation
Mar 16Bunker E15Concealed Void
Mar 17PerditionBunker E15
Mar 18Exodus Garden 2APerdition
Mar 19Veles LabyrinthExodus Garden 2A
Mar 20K1 LogisticsVeles Labyrinth
Mar 21K1 CommunionK1 Logistics
Mar 22K1 Crew QuartersK1 Communion
Mar 23K1 RevelationK1 Crew Quarters
Mar 24Concealed VoidK1 Revelation
Mar 25Bunker E15Concealed Void
Mar 26PerditionBunker E15
Mar 27Exodus Garden 2APerdition
Mar 28Veles LabyrinthExodus Garden 2A
Mar 29K1 LogisticsVeles Labyrinth
Mar 30K1 CommunionK1 Logistics
Mar 31K1 Crew QuartersK1 Communion