Legends of Runeterra 1.11 update patch notes

What’s new and improved in Riot’s digital card game?

Legends of Runeterra 1.11 update patch notes

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s 1.11 update has gone live. The latest patch notes detail new changes to certain cards, introduce a new single-player Lab mode, and more to Riot Games’ title. To find out about everything new and improved in Legends of Runeterra, read on.

Card Updates

  • Aurelion Sol Champion – Round End Power increased from 20 to 25
  • Radiant Guardian – Power decreased from five to four
  • Inspiring Mentor – Power increased from one to two, and Health decreased from two to one
  • Pix – Health increased from one to two
  • Jack the Winner – Health decreased from six to five
  • Petty Officer – Health decreased from two to one
  • Bastion – Text overhaul to “Grant an ally +1|+1 and Spellshield”
  • Cosmic Inspiration – Text overhaul to “If you Behold a Celestial card, grant allies everywhere +2|+2
  • Grandfather Rumul – Grant two allies +0|+4 instead of one ally
  • Hush – Text overhaul to “Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting [Hush] in hand that costs one more
  • Mountain Goat – Health increased from one to two

Single-player Lab: Journey to the Peak

  • Battle your way to Targon’s Peak with either Leona or Diana in Runeterra’s first single-player Lab
  • Select a unique passive power to aid you
  • Face three, unique, challenging battles against tough foes who wield their own special abilities
  • Customize your deck by drafting reinforcements in each game, and build your strength to reach the top
  • Earn a unique coin for each champion card upon completing the quest

In-game leaderboards

  • Two leaderboards added to the Play screen
  • Masters leaderboard – Shows who’s on top of the Ranked ladder on your shard, plus who’s on the rise
  • Friends leaderboard – Details how you stack with your friends on your Ranked climb

Expeditions archtypes

  • Fully removed the offering bonus for Call of the Mountain archetypes
  • Reduced how often the shopkeeper will offer the common Invoke cards as trade options

Otherworldly Creatures

  • Added: Feral Mystic, Fledgling Stellacorn, Porofly, Tall Tales

Radiant Dawn

  • Cohesiveness Rating – Increased to Medium from None
  • Added: Blessing of Targon, Fledgling Stellacorn
  • Removed: Hush

Solar Winds

  • Cohesiveness Rating – Increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Sunblessed Vigor, Whiteflame Protector
  • Removed: Behold the Infinite, Moondreamer


  • Match history made available through the Riot Games API. Players may start seeing match history-related features on community sites
  • Thai language now supported
  • Minion bundle now available for 975 coins


  • Plunder Poro can now correctly receive Spellshield and Fury from its Plunder effect
  • Scrapshot now correctly Tosses cards even if its target is removed
  • Fixed an issue where Arbiter of the Peak would gain cost reduction from targeting units in hand
  • Fixed an issue where volume sliders would not stay set at the correct level
  • Fixed an issue where Expedition loadouts would not save