Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 – Where to Find All Collectibles

As with the previous episodes of Life is Strange 2, Episode 4 “Faith” has six hidden collectibles to find. It is recommended that you play through the episode normally first, just taking in the story, and then going back in to find the collectibles later. Luckily, the game has a Collectible Mode precisely for this. To access Collectible Mode, first play through the episode normally, and once you’ve finished it, return to the main menu. From here, go down to “Play Episode,” and then select the episode you want to enter Collectible Mode in, in this case, Episode 4. Now, you will be met with a screen showing you the different scenes that take place in the episode. Below many of the scenes, you will see a fraction—this is how many collectibles in that scene you’ve collected over how many total you can find in that scene. When choosing what scene to jump into, be sure to press the button corresponding with “Play in Collectible Mode,” and NOT pressing the button corresponding with “Play in Standard Mode.” Playing in Standard Mode will overwrite your save file, whereas Collectible Mode won’t impact your save file other than adding the collectibles you find to your in-game collection. In this guide, we’ll be breaking down each scene and detailing how you can find each collectible.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 – Where to Find All Collectibles Locations

New Perspectives

There is one collectible in this scene, and finding it is pretty straightforward. After the nurse, Joey is finished cleaning Sean’s eye; you’ll be able to walk around Sean’s hospital room. Immediately look at the small table connected to Sean’s bed, the one with his sketch pad on it. Next, to the sketch pad, you’ll see a pen that Joey left behind. Look at the pen, then pick it up. This is your first collectible.

Leap of Faith

The list of scenes in Episode 4 will tell you that there is a collectible in this scene, but it’s just a second chance to find Joey’s pen if you missed it in the previous scene. If you follow this guide and find Joey’s pen in the first scene, then it will count as found in this scene as well.

Highway to Haven

There are no collectibles in this scene, so go ahead and skip it.


When Sean is inside the car looking around, you can examine the various objects in the car. Opening Sean’s backpack will progress the story, so before you do that, look at the opened glove compartment. Next to the Owner’s Stuff, you’ll find Agent Flores’ business card. First look at it, then you’ll be given the option to pick it up. This is the episode’s second collectible.

The Long Haul

As Sean walks through the desert, your first goal will be to get him to the shade of the first billboard. After Sean has finished resting in the shade and you have him continue walking forward, you’ll see a coyote run across the screen. Follow the coyote—you’ll eventually see it run into a hole in the ground. Walk up to this hole and, just outside it, you’ll find a small skull on the ground that you can pick up. This is the third collectible.


Upon entering the Haven Point church’s front door, you’ll be met with another door that leads to the congregation. To the left of this door, you’ll see a table, and on that table, all the way to the left will be a box of pins. Look at the box of pins, and then you’ll be given the option to pick up one of the pins. This is the fourth collectible.

Open Hearts

After Sean finishes taking a shower, exit the bathroom. In the motel room, walk in between the two beds and up to the nightstand in between them. Open the nightstand’s drawer and find a casino chip inside it. Pick it up—this is your fifth collectible.

Brothers in Arms

There are no collectibles in this scene either. Moving on.

Hidden Scriptures

This is probably the most well-hidden collectible in the episode. When you enter Lisbeth’s house behind the church, walk to her bedroom, which is at the back of the house from where you entered. Upon entering the bedroom, you’ll see a door at the back of the left wall. Enter this door, which leads to Daniel’s room. Once in Daniel’s room, walk over to his bed. Make your way over to the left side of his bed, where his bedside table is. From here, you’ll be able to see a piece of paper sticking out from underneath the pillow on the bed. First, look at it. Then, after viewing the drawing, you’ll be able to pick it up. This is the sixth and final collectible.

Dust to Dust

There are no collectibles in this scene either—all six collectibles can be found in previous scenes.