Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise – moveset, controls, combos

A lot of damage potential.

The Long Sword is effectively the starter weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, but don’t let that fool you. It is a great option for players, proving to be useful and durable, while giving access to advanced techniques are the player’s skill level increases.

In this guide, we will run through everything you need need to know to take advantage of the Long Sword and get the most from this weapon. The main this to know about the Long Sword is that to get the most from it, you will need to become skilled at manipulating the Spirit Gauge mechanic.

Basic Controls and information

  • X – Overhead Slash
  • A – Thrust Attack
  • L+X+A – attack while moving
  • ZR – Spirit Blade
  • ZR+A during a combo – Foresight Slash
  • ZR+B after an attack – Special Sheath

Spirit Gauge

As you land hits, you will fill the Spirit Gauge, shown on the screen as a small sword icon beside the weapon durability bar. You can charge the bar and then spend the charge on Spirit Blade Attacks. Filling the bar by landing Spirit Roundslashes allows you to charge it up to three levels, white, yellow, and red, and increases attack power.

Foresight Slash

A Foresight Slash can be performed during a combo attack, giving you i-frames. Land the blow and then dodge away from an enemy to fill the Spirit Gauge, and you can then hit ZR to chain in a Spirit Blade attack.

Special Sheath

After an attack, press the ZR+B buttons to perform a Special Sheath. You can then press X to perform and Iai Slash, or ZR to perform an Iai Spirit Slash. The Special Sheath has a limited duration, so position and attack quickly.

Iai Slash, if you land the hit, will cause your Spirit Gauge to begin filling automatically. Iai Spirit Slash is a powerful counter. You need to time the attack carefully, and if you time it just as the monster attacks it will increase your Spirit Gauge.

SilkBind Controls

Soaring Kick

Hitting ZL+X will perform a Soaring Kick. You use a wirebug to launch into a jumping kick. If this connect you will then automatically perform a plunging thrust. Landing this combo will cause your Spirit Gauge to auto-fill. If you wish, after landing the kick, you can hit ZR to spend a level from the Spirit Gauge and perform an attack called the Spirit Helm Breaker.

Serene Pose

Hitting ZL+A will perform a Serene Pose. This allows you to automatically counterattack if you take a hit but will cost two wirebugs to do.


  • Basic Combo – X,X,X,X
  • Spirit Blade Combo (requires Spirit Gauge) – ZR,ZR,ZR,ZR
  • Fade Slash Combos (requires Spirit Gauge) – X+A,ZR,ZR,ZR
  • Special Sheathe Combo 1 – X,ZR+B,X,ZR
  • Special Sheathe Combo 1 – X,ZR+A,ZR+B
  • Foresight Slash Combo – X,ZR+A,ZR

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the big advantages of the Long Sword is that you can roll to break the majority of attack chains. This means you rarely over-commit to an attack and risk take damage that can be avoided. It also has a solid movement, and the Spirit Gauge allows you to really pump out some damage.

The downside is that the mobility can be an issue, but this is somewhat made up for by the long reach.