Luhua Landscape Quest guide – Genshin Impact – Vermeer’s Paintbrush

Enjoy the sights.

The Luhua Landscape side-quest in Genshin Impact has you exploring specific locations in Luhua Pool. It’s a Geo-based region in the game, to the southwest of the Guili Plains. It’s not incredibly difficult, but it does have you visiting various locations in the area that you need to find, and it’s helpful to know those exact points to quickly finish it.

To start the quest, you want to meet the quest giver hanging out at the base of some ruins at the southern portion of the Luhua Pool named Vermeer. Speak with them to start the quest to learn. They’ve wanted to receive some inspiration for their latest paintings and created several pieces from specific vantage points around the region. However, they misplaced their painting equipment and wish for you to retrieve them by retracing their steps. Vermeer, unfortunately, does not remember.

Vermeer provides you with the two paintings they’ve done. You can reference those in your inventory underneath the Quest items in your inventory. We have those two points marked down for you, and luckily, both of them are immediately next to Waypoint shrines in the Luhua Pool area.

Both of the painting supplies on these map are indicated by shiny points on the ground. Interact with them to pick up the supplies. On the right side of the map, the first location is next to some ruins, in the corner. On the left side, the second one is on the side of a cliff next to some bushes.

Once you obtain both of the painting supplies, return to Vermeer. They tell you about how they discovered a secret rock that they found that looks like an eye. You need to find another in the pool ahead of them.

Your quest updates and you receive a highlighted region near Vermeer to search for the rock. The rock should have a similar shiny glow as the painting supplies did, and the exact one is closer to the north part of the highlighted area, right before you enter the large body of water at the center of Luhua Pool. With the new rock added to your inventory, there’s a new region behind you closer to where Vermeer is that you need to investigate.

After retrieving both, return to Vermeer’s location and then climb up both of the large statues on either side of the ruins. Insert the glowing rocks, and the bottom shrine becomes unlocked. To access the blocked area, you need a character who can use Geo abilities to access it. Your character can use it, or any of the party members who have access to those abilities. It activates a challenge to defeat a Hydro, Pyro, and Cyro mage in 90 seconds. Loot the chests inside the ruin, and you’re good to go.