Where to find all 16 Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3 | Boo Ghost Location and How to Catch Guide


Luigi’s Mansion is famous for its collectibles, and the third entry in the series is no exception, with those pesky Boo ghosts returning to ruin your day.

There are 16 in total, and, just like with previous entries in the series, you will need to rely on visual cues to help you find them.

When you are close to one, your backpack will start to shake. As you get closer to its hiding spot, it will shake more. When you think you are close to one, tap the object closest to you, and it should appear. If not, it will run away to a different room, forcing you to search for it all over again.

You can also use the Joy-Cons HD rumble to help you track it down better, so long as you aren’t using the Pro controller. The HD rumble will vibrate more the closer you get.

Where to find all 16 Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3


When you find it though, a battle will commence, you will need to use your Dark Light to make it appear. As soon as you do that, vacuum its tongue and spam A until you get its health bar down to 0.

There are 16 Boos in total to collect, and they are all located in different parts of the hotel. They can be found in the following areas:

  1. Boosement – B1 Basement
  2. Gumboo – 1F Grand Lobby
  3. Booigi – 2F Mezzanine
  4. Kung Boo – 3F Hotel Shops
  5. Boogie – 4F – The Great Stage
  6. Boolldog – 5F – RIP Suites
  7. Boo-At-Arms – 6F – Castle MacFrights
  8. Bootanist – 7F – Garden Suites
  9. Booducer – 8F – Paranormal Productions
  10. Boones – 9F Exhibit Hall – Unnatural History Museum
  11. Anuboo – 10F Egypt Suite – Tomb Suites
  12. Combooster – B2 – Boilerworks
  13. Boofuddler – 11F – Twisted Suites
  14. Booccaneer – 12F – The Spectral Catch
  15. Boodybuilder – 13F – Fitness Center
  16. Boosician – 14F – The Dance Hall

Finding them won’t be easy, however, as you will still need to use your backpack to sniff them out in one of the many rooms. They also don’t spawn in the same area, so you will need to check each room and section until you come across it and then catch it as normal.

Once you have all 16 Boos, however, it will unlock you the Flashlight type-B, which projects an image of a Boo whenever the player uses the torch. Yep, that is your big prize.