Where to find all Floor Five: RIP Suites Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3


Luigi’s Mansion 3 is filled with more than just ghosts; there are also lots of hidden secrets. Each floor contains gems for you to find, and in this guide, we will show you where to find all the Fifth Floor RIP Suites gems. Before you start trying to get these gems, it is best to wait until you have all the weapons and powerups, as they can all require different parts of your arsenal to get.

Where to find all Fifth Floor RIP Suites Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

  • Yellow Gem: Head for room 502, that used to be Mario’s room, and go into the bathroom on the left side. Use Gooigi to drop down through the grate on the floor, then suction cup the boards to reveal a large valve. Turn the valve, then use Luigi to pull the shower curtain down, and turn the tap using the Vacuum. A box will fly out of the bath and use the suction cup to smash it open, revealing the Yellow Gem.
  • Red Gem: Now, leave Mario’s room and head to Peaches’ room, using the Dark Light to reveal the door. Head inside, then use the suction cup to smash up her luggage against the far wall. Use the dark light to reveal another door, then go right, and you will see a gargoyle with the gem in his mouth. Interact with the statue to grab the Red Gem.
  • Blue Gem: Leave Peaches room and to the right, down to the three steps to the vending machine. Use the suction cup to pull over the vending machine to reveal a door. Go inside and fight the ghosts, the suction the panel on the left, to reveal the Blue Gem.
  • Green Gem: Leave, and head down the long hall that runs away from the screen, towards room 504. Turn right at the end, and you will come to a statue with the Green Gem in its mouth. Use the Vacuum to suck in the gold sphere on the statue beside it, then throw it at the statue with the Green Gem to break it.
  • Purple Gem: Head right to room 507, then go into the bathroom on the right. Pull down the shoot on the back left using the Vacuum, head inside and pull the purple luggage and smash it with the suction cup. This will let you get at the Purple Gem.
  • White Gem: Leave 507 and head right too 508. Go through the door in the back onto the balcony. Look through the telescope until a ghost shows up, the kill it to reveal the White Gem.

And there you have it, all the hidden Gems on the fifth floor RIP Suits in Luigi’s Mansion 3.