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Mafia III, the third installment in Mafia video game franchise is finally out on retail shelves across the globe. The game is developed by Hangar 13 and is published by 2K Games. The events in the game are set in the year 1968 and revolve around Lincoln Clay, a biracial orphan, who as a boy was adopted by black mobsters and later served in the Vietnam War.

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After completing his duties in the Vietnam War, Lincoln returns to New Bordeaux ( a fictional city based on 1968’s New Orleans) and gets admitted into the black mob. For his very first assignment (robbing the Federal Reserve), Lincoln gets to work with Giorgi Marcano, the successor to the Marcano Crime Family. They manage to complete the robber with perfection.

The sequence that follows the robber defines the storyline of Mafia III. I am not going to spoil everything for you. This is a Mafia III Wiki providing you details on Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks, Collectibles Location, How To Guides, Weapons, Cars, Customization, and many other things. Do contribute if you have any other details on Mafia III either via the comment section of this post or using the Contact Us Tab.


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