Man of Medan: How to achieve the perfect ending


There are many different ways for your story to end in Man of Medan; each character can reach their demise in various situations throughout the game. Meaning, achieving the perfect ending can be hard work, with crucial choices and quick-time events to be perfected.

This guide will focus on critical choices that are essential for achieving the best ending, regardless of how many characters you have kept alive.

Man of Medan: How to get the perfect ending

Using the radio

When exploring the ghost ship, there will come a time where you will be searching for a radio. Upon finding it you will try to call for help, you mustn’t give your coordinates away to the military. Doing this will have dire consequences for all characters remaining at the end of the story.

Next, the generator is going to cut out, and you have the choice as to whether you bring it back to life or not. Do not do this; if the generator is restarted, the military will track your position, ultimately leading to the same grisly fate as giving your location away. Giving away your coordinates doesn’t spell certain death if you can get to Fliss’ boat in time with the distributor cap.

Keep the distributor cap intact

The distributor cap plays a massive part in your survival; without it, the group is doomed, Fliss’ boat is the only way to get off the ghost ship safely. There will be several quick-time-events involving the distributor cap, get all of these correct and the cap will not be damaged. If you stay alive with the distributor cap till useable, it will result in all remaining characters leaving on Fliss’ boat.

This is the best ending possible; keeping the entire group alive to leave on the boat will give your story the perfect finish.