Many Ways To Skin a Cat – Cyberpunk 2077 mission guide

Sneaky or not, the choice is yours.

Cyberpunk 2077

For the Many Ways To Skin A Cat mission, you will need to streal a van from a secure facility. It is an interesting early gig, allowing you to experiment with various means of breaking and entering. You can go in quietly, or go in all guns blazing.

In this guide, we will show you what we did to get through the mission with minimum fuss. First, follow the way point to get to the facility, then hop out of your car. Turn on your hacker vision and hack the camera at the rear of the building and turn it off.

Now, you can have the forklift near the guard and select the Distract Enemy option to get their attention off the gate. If your Technical skill is high enough you can then open the gate, heading inside and snapping the guard’s neck.

Before you move further, looking a little bit down the wall of the building, near the roof, to find another camera, and hack it to make sure it doesn’t set off an alarm. Now, cross the yard and head for the door, making sure the man sitting on a bench doesn’t see you.

Head inside, sneak up behind the work, and deal with him, lethal or non-lethal, whichever you prefer. Now, don’t take the side door, and instead, go through the back door in the wall opposite the door you used to get in. This will lead to some stairs that you can take up to the next floor. Don’t rush through the door, as two people are talking. Let them finish, then slowly head inside and snap the neck of the person in the room.

Head out onto the gantry and you will have one more camera to hack to get to the target room. Go inside and you will find one more guard. Deal with them, then hack the console to highlight the vehicle you are here to steal. Before you leave this room, there is a panel door on the other wall that you can pull open to reveal a weapons cache with a Smart Weapon in it.

Go back outside the room and hack the camera on the corner and use it to highlight the people in the room below. Now, all you need to do is drop down and sneak to the van, then jump inside. The door will open and you can drive out, and the back gate will automatically open as well. After that, just follow the waypoint and drop off the vehicle.