Is there Controller Support for Mario Kart Tour?


Mario Kart Tour is all about drifting, getting the right angle during a turn, and taking out other drivers using your well-established skills in aiming an item. You’re going to find it hard-pressed to feel like you’re getting an accurate interpretation from the game on a smartphone. Players are curious if you can hook up a controller to their phone if it’s going to work in Mario Kart Tour.

Does Mario Kart Tour Have Controller Support?

Many feel they’re going to need to rely on a controller to optimally operate on the race track to get the most from a Mario Kart title. This thought process makes sense since this is the first Mario Kart title to come to the mobile market.

Unfortunately, at this time, players are not able to hook up a controller to their smartphone device and play the game using it. Players are going to need to rely on preforming the adequate drift they need to do during a particularly tricky turn. Some things are going to feel a little awkward, such as the gliding mechanic. However, like many mobile games, it takes practice. The more players who go through the game and hone their skills are going to see a higher return on the number of points they accrue at the end of the game.

Given the vast amount of people searching for any amount of controller support, it would make sense for Nintendo to correct this. Because Mario Kart Tour has only been out such a short amount of time, it may come about immediately. Not every feature has come to the game. For example, Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer feature is still under construction and is going to come in a future update. We might see Nintendo make this the perfect time to introduce controller support with a more competitive scene. But we have no idea regarding the details of when we’re going to get multiplayer or what it looks like as a finished product.

For now, we don’t have controller support for Mario Kart Tour. We might see it in the future. We’re going to learn more to see how much support Nintendo wants to give Mario Kart Tour and what else they have coming up for the racing title.