Mario Kart Tour – Do Five Rocket Starts


The Tokyo Tour continues in Mario Kart Tour, and new weekly challenges have arrived to put your driving skills and game knowledge to the test. One of the unique challenges is to do five rockets start, so in this guide, we will show you how.

Mario Kart Tour – Do Five Rocket Starts

This challenge is nice because you don’t need any particular driver, kart, or glider to do it. You can also do it on any course. You can only do one Rocket Start per game, so you have the full week to get this done.

To Rocket Start in Mario Kart Tour, press on the screen when the countdown hits 2, then take your finger off right as the race begins. After you press on the screen at 2, your wheels take a moment to hit the engine but should start to spin up and send some sparks flying.

You want to lift your finger the second the race starts because you don’t want to accelerate off at a strange angle, ruining your line at the start of the race.

A Rocket Start will usually propel you out to the front of the pack, so you won’t be able to do this and something like the Bullet Bill challenge in the same race, unless you are very good at finding your way to last place. I’d suggest just running five quick races and getting this challenge over and done with, so you can focus on others as soon as possible.