Mario Kart Tour: Driver Tier List


Mario Kart Tour features an array of different drivers to play. Like any good mobile game, not every character got created with the same characteristics. Many of them are going to have various aspects about them that make them better suited for playing the game. For example, many of the characters have a list of preferred courses they’re going to favor, which allows them to hold three different items during a race when they smash into an item cube. These differences matter. Here’s the overall tier list for the current drivers in the game.

Driver Tier List in Mario Kart Tour

There are 20 drivers available in the game at this time. More are likely going to come out in future updates. For now, this tier list is going to stick to the 20. Broken up into A to D tiers, here’s how they all fare:

  • A Rank: Dry Bowser, Mario (Musician), and Peachette
  • B Rank: Pauline, Metal Mario, and Diddy Kong
  • C Rank: Dry Bones, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Toadette, Toad, Daisy, Yoshi, Peach, and Mario
  • D Rank: Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa, Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, and Baby Mario

Those three in the A rank have four favored courses where they’re going to gain a frenzy, except for Peachette, she only has three. However, even if Peachette has three, she stands above Pauline and Metal Mario who have two three-item courses, and more two-item courses. Compared to Dry Bowser and Mario (Musician) she does not have as low of a drop rate, making her an excellent choice for drivers who need a reliable, high-tier driver.

The three in the B rank have two favored three-item courses, except for Diddy Kong who has three. What makes Diddy Kong stand out is how many two-item courses he has, which are five. Plus he has a great ability called “Banana Barrels.” It’s going to launch multiple bananas around the map, causing trouble to every driver who runs over them.

Those in C rank have a lower drop rater than those in the D rank, but they’re not impossible to get. They’re great to have if you don’t have any high tier drivers available for select courses. The more you level these up, the more like you’re going to get the chance for a Frenzy to activate during your race.

The final rank, D rank, are the most common drivers a player can grab. You won’t see too many players using these drivers unless they have no other choice. All of the drivers in this ranking have only one preferred three-item course, making them extremely specialized. It’ll boil down to how well a player can optimize and level up a D rank driver while they play, and how comfortable they become using that driver’s unique ability.

If you find yourself not liking the initial drivers you grab when you start the game, you have the option to start over and reroll your drivers. We have a guide over here explaining how you can go about doing it.