Mario Kart Tour: How to Beat Mega Dry Bowser


Mario Kart Tour’s Mega Dry Bowser isn’t exactly the most helpful guy. He is rude, mean, and tough to beat, to the point where lots of people out there think the race is designed to be unbeatable. You can do it, however. In this guide, we will run through some essential things that will help you out, but make no mistake, this is all about grinding and practice.

Mario Kart Tour: How to Beat Mega Dry Bowser

First, and most importantly, you need to practice. You need to learn the race inside and out. The race plays out in a very similar way most of the time, and that last straight is always going to be a hellscape of items that you need to deal with. Item timings and how you use them fall into a couple of simple patterns, so learn them and then adapt your tactics accordingly.

Next, consider the types of items that will benefit you and pick your driver accordingly. People who have won this race seem to be big fans of Peach or Ludwig for the race. Peach has Red Shell Frenzy, while Ludwig has Bob-omb Frenzy, both of which are extremely useful in all races, not just this one.

You also want to be smart with your item usage. That last corner and straight is a nightmare, so saving an item for that point is a must. It is almost certain Mega Dry Bowser will be in first place going into that last section, so you will need something to hit him with and interrupt his item spam so that you can make it over the finish line first.

This race is beatable, but all reports from the internet imply it will take a lot of practice and a little luck to do it. All you can do is grind the race until you learn the nuance of it, and eventually, you will get that first-place finish.