Mario Kart Tour – How To Collect 50 Coins In A Single Race


One of the new challenges this week in Mario Kart Tour is to collect 50 coins in a single race! This sounds much tougher than it is, but it really just boils down to picking the right track, the right driver, and maybe driving a little slower than you are used to.

Mario Kart Tour – How To Collect 50 Coins In A Single Race

I would suggest doing this challenge at 50cc for several reasons. Firstly, the other drivers are far less likely to overtake you at 50cc, making it easier to keep first place and arrive at all the coins before the AI drivers. Secondly, because the race itself is slower, it makes it easier to pick up all the coins you need.

You also want to pick a course that has a lot of coins. Choco Island 2, the third race in the Peach Cup, is a great example. You should be able to grab 25 coins on each lap of this race, getting you the 50 you need to finish the challenge. The driver that you choose is also vital. For example, on Choco Island 2, you want to use Wendy if you have her. The reason for this is that you are hoping to hit a Coin Frenzy, letting you rack up the coins as quickly as possible.

If you like, you can try and match course and drivers to try and hit a Coin Frenzy in any race, and this should get you a lot of the way towards the 50 coins that you need. Just pick your course, then run it a couple of times at 50cc to learn precisely where all the coins are, to maximize the number you can pick up.

You also want to avoid being hit by other drivers, as this can make you drop coins. Hitting them is fair game, however, as this will make them drop coins that you can then pick up. With a little bit of practice, this challenge shouldn’t take you very long to finish up.