Mario Kart Tour: How to Use Quick Tickets


With Mario Kart Tour being a mobile game, Nintendo had to get a little creative in how they monetize the game. There are quite a few microtransactions available in the title, from buying rubies on the market to purchasing a monthly pass called the Gold Ticket. Outside of the monetization methods, there are tickets players are going to earn by merely playing the game. Players need to use these tickets every once in a while to complete challenges and earn badges. A notable ticket that players are going to encounter and can use while they’re playing is called the Quick Tickets.

How to Use The Quick Ticket in Mario Kart Tour

Unlike the other tickets in Mario Kart Tour, the Quick Tickets are not used on the course or are going to increase the points of your drivers, vehicles, or gliders. They’re going to give you access to cups you have not unlocked yet at a quicker rate. For example, to reach a particular cup in Mario Kart Tour, you need to have acquired enough stars from completing challenges and finishing with high points in races. When you get enough stars, you’re going to gain access to the next cup, and you can advance further in the game. However, if you get to the next series of cups fast enough, you’re going to notice some of them are under construction. You can’t access them for a set amount of time.

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With a Quick Ticket, you’re going to get there much faster. You can use the item to gain access to a cup that’s still under construction before other players. Because you don’t face off against real people during the race, it makes sense.

Players can earn these tickets by playing the game and earning from Tour Gifts. Unfortunately, the first Tour Gift with it is only accessible if you have the Golden Ticket purchased, Nintendo’s subscription model for Mario Kart Tour. If you do not have the Golden Ticket subscription item, you’re only going to get the first two items, and not the complete four. Plus, players cannot access it until Sept. 27. The cups right before the Tour Gift with the Quick Ticket available are under construction. If players complete the Tour Challenges 1 section in their challenges, they’re going to receive one.