Mario Kart Tour: How To Use the Super Horn


Mario Kart Tour features plenty of items and mechanics from the Mario Kart franchise. The franchise has had years to perfect the number of useful items, mechanics, and races to keep their players entertained for hours on end from their mobile devices. An iconic item in the game is the Super Horn. The Super Horn is a handy item and can prevent a player from losing their first place position.

The Super Horn in Mario Kart Tour

The Super Horn looks like a red box with a yellow megaphone on the side of it. It comes with several uses and is a great item to clear the way or to protect yourself.

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Clear the Way

A great way you can optimize this item is by clearing the way. What it does is sound out a small shockwave from your driver’s vehicle. If there are any nearby players hit by the shockwave, they’re going to launch into the air and lose their progress. If those drivers were carrying any items, those are going to drop, too.

You want to clear the way if there’s a small cluster of players in your way, or they’re starting to close in on you. You can see they’re getting close to you when you’re in the lead by using the 180-degree button at the bottom or by the small icon that pops up when a player is getting closer. If they try to overtake you or do a slipstream behind you, hit them with the horn to send them packing.

Stop the Blue Shell

The dreaded blue shell. Every Mario Kart player knows what it is. It’s the item that you send out that rushes ahead and blasts into the player in the first place. If you time the blue shell correctly, you can prevent the top player from winning a race and overtake them. Plenty of friendships have likely ended over the use of this dreadful item.

However, the blue shell does have a counter: the Super Horn. If you’re in the first place and get you the Super Horn, you want to hold on to it for as long as possible. While it’s great to protect yourself from players closing in, you also want to make to sure you have it to prepare for any blue shells. The Super Horn is not going to protect you from the blue shell outright. Instead, you need to time it. You need to wait for the blue shell to arrive and start to dip down. When the Blue Shell dips down, it’s going to crash into you. But if you hit the Super Horn right before it does this, you’re going to brush it off and continue the race unharmed.

However you use the Super Horn, it’s going to assist you winning races and make your time getting to the top spot in Mario Kart Tour that much easier.