Mario Kart Tour Support Code 805-6501 Explained


The support code 805-6501 is currently afflicting a lot of players trying to enjoy Mario Kart Tour. While the game had a bit of a rough launch, it has been running quite smoothly for a little while now, so this is a little unusual.

Mario Kart Tour Support Code 805-6501 Explained

According to the Nintendo Support page, this is currently an unknown error. There are three crucial steps you should take with any mobile game error, however. These are usually the solutions listed to known errors on the Nintendo Support page:

  • Restart the application and try again
  • Restart the device and relaunch the application after the restart
  • Reinstall the application completely

They then advise that for additional questions or technical assistance, please submit your inquiry to [email protected], or to use the Mario Kart Tour in-app support.

Unfortunately, if none of those options resolve the issue, there is not much you can do except wait for the developers to issue an update that solves the problem. It is a good idea to report the problem through the proper channels if you are experiencing it, as this lets the devs know the extent of the issue.

Be sure to include as much important information as you can with the developer support ticket. The make and model of your phone, the OS version you are running, and any apps you have installed that might be interfering with the apps function are all very important. This information assists the developers the most and gives them a higher chance of replicating the issue and solving it quickly.