What are Tiers in Mario Kart Tour?


Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game that doesn’t tell its player base much about anything.

There are a handful of difficult challenges like asking players to hit three pipes, and there are also a handful of insane challenge conditions, such as hitting three opponents at the same time with a Bob-Omb. This task in particular requires precise accuracy and luck.

Here, we are once again going to talk about another confusing term used in the game known as Tiers. This term appears in one of the game’s challenges. So, what exactly are these “tiers” that the game asks you to get?

Well, they have to do with Ranked Play on the leaderboard system. Over a week, players compete on three tracks to secure the highest place on the leaderboard to win prizes and go up a “Tier” in Ranked to play against better players in the game.

At the end of the ranked week, you will go up or down a Tier depending on your final placement, with more tiers rewarded for finishing in the top three, three in fact, over say one or two tiers for finishing anywhere in the top ten.

So in short, Tiers are a part of the ranked play. You go up more of them the better you perform at the end of the weeks ranked season. Hope that helps.