Mario Kart Tour: When Does Ranking Unlock?


When it comes to races, there needs to be a clear winner. Mario Kart Tour places players head to head against numerous AI in the game while they race around the track, placing player names to the AI using their driver’s stats. A big question competitive players have is when the game’s ranking system is going to unlock.

When Does Ranking Unlock in Mario Kart Tour?

The ranking system in Mario Kart Tour is going to unlock when you complete the Yoshi Cup. Players are going to receive scores and points based on their performance in a race, but these races are against other AI with player names attached to them. Those playing the game are not competing against another player who is playing the game on their smartphone.

The ranking system is going to have 20 players comparing their overall scores against each other to try and rank up. The ranks get determined based on a player’s cup score, and the overall total. The higher a player gets placed when compared to the 20 players, the more likely chance they have to go up a tier and compete against stronger players. These tiers are going to happen weekly.

In the future, Mario Kart Tour is going to feature multiplayer matches. The multiplayer games are going to have eight-players facing off in a race. Players are going to need to master their timing and curves across the track while aiming for the top spot. The competitive scene is likely going to be extremely fierce, given the history of the Mario Kart franchise.

When the multiplayer system unlocks, the developers may highlight a different ranking system. The current one focuses on players attempting to beat the scores of AI and then comparing those final scores against other players in the game. We’re going to learn more precise details in the future with Nintendo building on their latest mobile game release.