Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: All EMF Experiment Locations

EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will provide you with XP and upgrade parts. But you’ll need to know where to look first.

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Harry Osborn is trying to make the world a better place in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and one of the ways he’s going about that is with the Emily-May Foundation. This organization is working on research and technology to help fix some of the Earth’s biggest problems.

One of the avenues of testing these innovations is through EMF Experiments placed around New York. A few of the EMF Experiments will have you try to solve puzzles where you’ll need to align plant cells around a hexagon grid – and getting the right solution for this could be a bit tricky. Completing these tasks will provide you with upgrade components and XP, and after all of them are checked off the list, you’ll unlock a brand new suit to swing around in. Here is where you can find all the EMF Experiment Locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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All EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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There are nine EMF Experiments to complete in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Some of these will require you to solve a puzzle that sees you tinkering with planet attributes and DNA codes. If you do find yourself stuck, you can pause the game and select the Skip Puzzle option to move on to the next step of the mission. Completing an EMF Experiment will provide you with 700 XP, 140x Tech Parts, and 3x Rare Tech Parts. Once all of the EMF Experiments have been completed across New York, you’ll unlock the Life Story Suit for Peter Parker. Here is where you can find them all.


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The Emily-May Foundation EMF Experiment is located in the southeast end of Astoria. It is the final EMF Experiment that will unlock after the main campaign has come to a conclusion. You will need to solve a plant sequence for this puzzle.

Central Park

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There are two EMF Experiments in Central Park that you can complete. The first is Central Park: Energy, which is located in the far northwest. This task will see you riding an electric bike through parts of Central Park.

The second is Central: Park Bee Drones, which is on the west of Central Park on the outskirts of Upper West Side. This will have you controlling a drone and shooting targets.


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The Chinatown district has the Little Tokyo: Plant Science EMF Experiment in the northwest region. You’ll need to collect a couple of plant crops from the area, then solve the puzzle for the Plant Attributes.

Downtown Brooklyn

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You can find two EMF Experiments in Downtown Brooklyn. The first is on the northwest side towards the East River, called Brooklyn Heights: Energy. You will need to send out wind turbines to complete this task.

The second EMF Experiment is in the center of Downtown Brooklyn, called Prospect Park: Bee Drone. For this mission, you’ll need to find a drone that has been stolen.

Financial District

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The Financial District has one EMF Experiment located on the east side of the region towards the river. The Two Bridges: Plant Science Experiment will have you locate a stolen plant.

Hell’s Kitchen

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The EMF in Hell’s Kitchen is called Portside: Plant Science, which is located toward the northwest side of the region near the water. You’ll need to find fish in this task, destroy some atoms in a mini-game, and finally solve a Plant Attribute puzzle.

Little Odessa

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The Queens Apiary: Bee Drones EMF Experiment in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is in the southeast corner of Little Odessa. In this mission, you’ll need to use your bee drone to destroy a series of targets.