Mass Effect 2 Samara loyalty mission guide – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Family matters.

Samara’s loyalty quest in Mass Effect 2, called The Ardat-yakshi is a mission that people will want to ace if the plan on getting one hundred percent in the campaign. The mission focuses on attempts to capture an NPC called Morinth. If Morinth manages to escape, Samara will not become loyal.

The way to attract Morinth is to basically be the life of the part at the Afterlife club. There is a lot of different things that players will need to do to stand out at this club, so make sure you do everything listed below:

  • Speak with Horftin, then go and help out his friend Florit. Select the “Terminal” then the “Eternity” dialogue choices.
  • Find the Krogan Verf who is trash-talking humans and challenge him.
  • Find the Asari Waera and dance with her by selecting the Paragon dialogue option.
  • Demand free drinks from the bartender, or buy everyone a drink.
  • A Turian will be attempting to proposition an Asari, punch him out.

Morinth will eventually approach and invite you to a private booth. The conversation you have here is extremely important, if Morinth leaves you will fail the loyalty mission. Tell Morinth that you are both alike, then discussing the following topics and dialogue options:

  • Travel, enjoying danger, power being its own reward
  • Music, Expel 10, a history of drugs, new drugs, the Hallex
  • Art and “vids”, violence in the vids, Vaenja and Forta

After that, you will make your way to Mordinth’s apartment. Here, she will attempt to seduce Shepherd. A very high charm test takes place here, and it is worth waiting a long time to do this mission in order to build up Morality points. If you pass the test, you can choose between Samara and Mordinth, earning morality points. If not, you automatically side with Samara. Needless to say, doing so is required for her loyalty.