Metroid Dread – lower Burenia Speed Booster puzzle guide

You’ll get an Energy Part and a Missile+ Tank if you dive deep enough.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread is full of Speed Booster puzzles. These challenges push the Speed Booster ability and its Shinespark jump to the limit, forcing you to contend with long runways, tight spaces, and well-timed moves all around. They’re worth it, though – the prize for these puzzles are usually upgrades for Samus’ health or ammo.

One the most elaborate of these Speed Booster puzzles is found in the deep part of Burenia. Read on to find out just how to navigate the long series of sprints.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It takes a lot of work to even find this puzzle. There’s a hidden path right by the Green Teleportal – drop some Bombs on the floor to its right to find it. Drop through the passage and use Ice Missiles to destroy the Enky mushrooms blocking the way. Go through the first door and you’ll actually find an Energy Part, but that’s only the first prize in this area.

The floor on the left of the previous door is made of Speed Booster blocks. To destroy them, run from the other side of the door and Shinespark straight down. Now for the real test: the actual Speed Booster puzzle, which requires some serious reflexes. This time, you need to charge up, drop through the new hole, and book it to the right through the next door. Slide through the opening, shoot the Beam Blocks in your path on the way down, and Shinespark in midair straight to the left – hitting the slope will keep your momentum going, while touching the magnetic wall will stop you in your tracks. Run left up the hill and slide under the walls, stopping to store your Shinespark again. Drop down the next passage and launch right, into another hill. Store one last Shinespark at the top, then drop off and launch to the right to finally break through the last set of walls. A very well-earned Missile+ Tank is on the other side.