Metroid Dread – upper left Ferenia Speed Booster puzzle guide

Special jumps and slides will carry you to victory.

Image via Nintendo

Speed Booster puzzles have been a staple of 2D Metroid games ever since the introduction of the Speed Booster ability. Coupled with its special Shinespark jump, it’s used to navigate some particularly tricky paths leading to hard-to-reach Speed Booster blocks. Touch just one at max speed, and you’ll clear the way to prizes like Missile Expansions and Energy Tanks.

One of the trickiest puzzles is found in Ferenia, right by the tram to Ghavoran. There are multiple ways to solve this one, but the method found below is how we did it. Feel free to try it another way, like approaching from the opposite side of the room.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Start from the tram to Ghavoran and run inside the structure, then leap onto the ledge and wall jump backwards above the door to maintain momentum. Slide as soon as you land on the ledge to slip past the Pitfall Blocks, then roll into your Morph Ball into a compartment on the left – store a Shinespark jump before you come to a stop. Now quickly roll back a few feet, blow away the Bomb Blocks, and release your Shinespark to rocket to the ceiling above. You’ll catch a ledge holding a Missile+ Tank on the way down.

It might not be as elaborate as the Speed Booster puzzle in lower Burenia, but this one still takes some doing. If you need help with the one in Burenia, we have a guide for that too.