Mimi Tomo Day 1 guide – sighting and translations – Unusual Hilichurl Location

Hide and seek with the Unusual Hilichurl.

Screenshot via Gamepur

The Mimi Tomo guide is here, and day one is sending us on our first sighting. To begin the event, players will need to visit the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt, then follow the waypoint to just outside the city. Here, they will find Ella Musk being harassed by some Hilichurls. Take them out, then speak with Ella who will ask for your help communicating with the Hilichurls.

She will give you a copy of the Hillichurl Handbook and a waypoint will appear near the Starsnatch Cliff. Make your way there and search for a friendly Hilichurl who is standing near a rock. He is willing to chat with you, so interact with him to start a conversation.

The first Hilichurl will use the phrase “Mita movo lata“, and if you look it up in the Handbook you will discover it says “meat in the water”. The Hilichurl is basically willing to trade you information for fish or crab meat. Interact with him again to give him some from your inventory, and he will give you directions to the Guilil Plains in Liyue.

Go to the waypoint and search around and you will find another friendly Hilichurl hanging out under some trees. Speak with him and he will ask for help dealing with some Treasure Hoarder enemies nearby. Take them all out then return to the Hilichurl and he will give you directions to where you find the Unusual Hilichurl.

A new waypoint will appear near the Windrise Statue of the Seven. The Hilichurl will also use the phrase “unta nunu“, which according to the handbook means late night. When you arrive at Windrise, stand in the yellow area and set the clock in the game to midnight. When the time changes, you can fight the Unusual Hilichurl and some of their friends, and when it is over you can claim your rewards from the event screen in your menus.