Mimi Tomo Day 3 – Sighting area, Mutual Exchange and Unusual Hilichurl Location

Yet another hiding place.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Day three of the Mimi Tomo event will once again have players searching for the Unusual Hilichurl. Tracking him down means rewards, so all players should be trying to locate this strange character in the game.

The first port of call for Day 3 is near the Cider Lake and Stormbearer Mountains to find the first talkative Hilichurl. He can be found right on the edge of the cliff in the yellow circle marked on the map.

Speak to him to discover that he wants help dealing with some enemies, then follow the new waypoint to the place where his target is. You will find a selection of Abyss Mages, both Hydro, Cryo, and some Pyro, that you need to to deal with. Take them all out, then return to the Hilichurl who will give you the next location.

The next Hilichurl can be found in the marked yellow circle to the south of Mingyun Village, along the eastern border of the circle. Speak with him and you will find that this is a mutual exchange mission and the Hilichurl is looking for something called “Celi Lata”. This means “something that gives light without heat”, so give him some Small Lamp Grass. If you don’t have any, it can be found on the route between Springvale and Wolvendom in plentifull supply.

This Hilichurl will then give you the location of the Unsusual Hilichurl, and the time you can find him. Make your way for the yellow circle near the Stormbearer Mountains, where you will find the Unusual Hilichurl behind a Shrine to the west of the circle. He will only appear at late night, or “Unta Nunu” as the Hilichurl says. Set your clock to after midnight for him to show up. You can then take him out and claim your rewards from the event page.