Mimi Tomo Day 4 – Sighting area, Mutual Exchange and Unusual Hilichurl Location

He isn’t sleeping today.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mimi Tomo Day 4 is here and players once again need to track down the Unusual Hilichurl. He has wandered around the map again, and we will need to Hilichurlian phrases and do two mutual exchanges to find him today.

Players can begin by making their way to the yellow circle marked on their maps to the south of Qingce Village. Here, they will find the first Hilichurl almost at the western compass point of the circle. He will be looking for an item and will use the phrase “Gusha Celi Boya. This translates to a red fruit or vegetables, and players can give him a tomato. If you don’t have a tomato, head to Liyue or Mondstadt general stores and buy one, or try another red fruit or vegetable.

After that, players will need to go and speak with another Hilichurl, this time near Wolvendom. The exact location of the Hilichurl can be found on the map below. This one will use the phrase “Lata Boya Sada“which translates to something hard and blue. Players can give just about any blue crystal here, we went with the Crystal Chunk, which is plentiful and most players should have a lot of it.

When the Hilichurl is happy, he will give players information on the location of the unusual Hilichurl, and when we can find him. This is a phrase we have already heard during the event, Unta Mosi Dada, which means “the wonderful time between noon and sunset”. Set your in-game clock to some time in the afternoon and he should be in the area.

You can find the exact location of the Unusual Hilichurl on Day 4 shown on the map above, as he appears near to the east of Wuwang Hill. Players can then take him out and collect their rewards from the event page.