Mimi Tomo Day 7 – Sighting area, Hilichurl Justice Mutual Exchange and Unusual Hilichurl Location

We are gonna miss him.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The seventh and final day of the Mimi Tomo event is here, giving players one last chance to catch the Unusual Hilichurl and get some rewards. As always, we need to track down two different Hilichurls and help them out, then we will get the location of the Unusual Hilichurl, and when we can find him.

The first thing to do is head to the first Hilichurl, who can be found to the west of Cuijiue slope, almost directly in the middle of the yellow circle on the map. This will be a mutual exchange, the Hilichurl will ask you for “Gusha Unu Boya”, which means a yellow fruit or vegetable. We gave him a Sweet Flower and he was happy, giving us the location of the next Hilichurl in return.

After that, it is off to Dragonspine to find the next Hilichurl. This one is a Hilichurl Justice mission, which means beating up some people who have been bullying the Hilichurl. This will be a mix of well-shield Electro, Cryo, and Pyro enemies, so put together a good party before taking them on.

When that is complete, make your way back to the Hilichurl who will give you the time and location for the Day 7 Unusual Hilichurl. The time will be “Aba Mosi Dada”, which means between dawn and noon, and you can find the Unusual Hilichurl location at the “j” on the map in Cuijue Slope in Liyue.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Just beat up the Unusual Hilichurl and then you will be able to claim your final rewards from the event tab in-game.