Minecraft: Best Level for Diamonds in Version 1.20

Time to look for diamonds and get minin’.

Image by Mojang

Image by Mojang

After the launch of version 1.20 of Minecraft, diamonds are in different spots than they once were. As if to throw us all for a loop, diamonds have periodically changed locations as the updates have gone on. First, the update initially arrived for Bedrock players, right before going live on every other version of the game. So if you’re confused about why things may not be spawning in the same place that they used to, it’s likely due to this update.

As one of the rarest resources in the game, understanding where diamonds are is pretty pertinent to getting far in Minecraft. Version 1.20 provides a little relief for the average diamond hunter, making them a little easier to find. In this article, we’ll detail the process behind finding the new location of diamonds and explain the terms we use so that everyone can join in on the resource hoarding.

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How to Find Diamonds in Version 1.20 of Minecraft

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to find diamonds in Minecraft, first you need to look for the verticle and horizontal distance where they would be. Everything, from coal to diamonds, has a location range on the axis of the world. Each spot in Minecraft has a number assigned to it, from the highest point to the lowest. That’s exactly why some updates require a fresh start, to help adjust these highest and lowest points for the player. You’ll want to make sure that you have the Show Coordinates option turned on in the game settings to view these numbers.

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What’s the Y-Axis?

The Y-axis, or Altitude as it’s alternatively called, is the up and down measurement of any location within Minecraft. If you reach the highest point of Altitude, you’ll find yourself at Y-axis 320. So if you go to Y-axis -62, you’ll find bedrock. And since you can’t dig through that, you’ve effectively found the bottom. Using Altitude, or the Y-axis, we can find the range at which diamonds are discovered. And if you know that, you know exactly where to put your mining efforts as you continue to dig underground.

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If you’re on the hunt for diamonds, usually in low Y-axis areas that can only be sought by going underground. This newest version of Minecraft has changed diamond locations so that they spawn a lot closer to the bottom of the game than they used to. The best places to find diamonds in Minecraft now that this latest update is in play is from Y-axis -52 all the way down to bedrock.