MLB The Show 21: How to complete 9th Inning Milestone Catfish Hunter Player Program

Former WS Champion Catfish Hunter is the latest Milestone card.

Image via San Diego Studios

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Just a few days after the release of the 9th Inning Program, developer Sony San Diego released yet another Player Program for MLB The Show 21. Players who complete this one will receive a lot more XP, plus a 99 OVR Milestone series card of former Athletics and Yankees pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter. So, what do you need to do in order to obtain this item? Let’s take a look.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete the Catfish Hunter Player Program, you will need to obtain 50 Points, much like the Buster Posey program that is also a part of the 9th Inning Program. To get to the 50 Point mark in the cleanest path, you should try to do the following:

  • Complete the six Moments in the Player Program folder for Hunter (42 Points)
  • Defeat the Athletics in CPU play on All-Star difficulty (8 Points) or complete one of the two online Missions (10 Points each)

Catfish Hunter can be obtained strictly through offline play, so if you don’t want to get a win with an A’s starter or 10 strikeouts with Athletics pitchers on online play, another path is available. Along the way, you will also receive:

  • 1500 Stubs
  • 3 MLB The Show 21 Packs

Once you complete the Hunter program, you can then acquire 45,000 XP towards the 9th Inning Program. To get the extra XP, go to the 9th Inning page on the Programs tab and select Collections. Find the Hunter collection, select the card, and then Advance.

Even if you don’t complete this before the end of the 9th Inning Program, you can, and should still try to complete this program. You won’t receive the extra XP boost, but you will receive an all-valuable Milestone Series card. You will need a lot of these to get the 99 OVR Awards Mookie Betts and the 99 OVR Signature Clayton Kershaw, as well for future collections. So, make sure to get this done nonetheless.